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   Businesses in Jeapordy as YouTube continues to cut funding. As YouTube channel continues to cut it's funding it has slowly began a steady descent. A number of third party news sources from independent media are continually being attacked, and informational news is being silenced by Youtube's algorithms which target the use of key words or phrases. Yet, it turns out that that commercial money is heading towards msm sources. CNN and Fox News are appropriating large quantities of money in order to  accomplish these attempts to stifle their opponents. We know and have confirmed that these sponsors are not behind it as well as seen evidence of CNN and Fox News, abusing YouTube and other Media Service Platforms. Be warned that these attacks are a threat to any bloggers or streamers who pick the "Golden Arm Topics". Thank you for reading, if you are connected to any news sources please relay this information to them.


  • sounds like a professional

    Jan 02, 2020

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