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Let my ink paint the picture of that night, 
The night when our feelings began to flow with the light
Underneath the beaming light of the moon. 
Never will I disagree to the words of the moon, 
That shimmers above our head while our hands were rubbing 
Against the surface of our palm. 

Our feels became the reason why the moon winks to the stars 
Leaving the earth wanting to meet with the sky body to body. 
Remember we made the night wolves called out our names to the 
Good spirit of the moon. 
Never will moon forget our names. 

Remember the sand of time don't want to forget our memories either. 
Under the moonlight we had our first kiss and the crickets started to
Sing to our ears songs of Solomon but our mind was pure enough 
not to dance to their melodious lyrics. 
Underneath the moonlight we made wishes to the shooting stars
That spread it wings across the sky. 

Love under the moonlight, 
I sit with my thoughts wallowing outside my soul, 
We never said it would end like this. 
What do we say to the goddess of love? 
Should we say we gave birth to separation in one night? 
Or should we say our love was never meant to be? 

Love under the moonlight
I hope our love doesn't end up like the wind in December, 
But the ember month don't just leave without seizing one's happiness. 
Love Under the moon
Once upon a time under the moonlight 
The moonlight of lies. 

┬ęGemini Pride


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