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Ewatomi , in her shade I walked pass this rain of superficial feelings. 
The blossom of every sun flower in my garden. 
Ewatomi, the queen of all queens, which her beauty is surely beyond
The peacock that beautifies the offa  town.
Have you not wonder why osun sengese chose 
Not to visit the earth no more? 
Your beauty is the reason why the people of osun 
chose not to see her on earth again
Indeed you're the goddess of beauty. 

 Listen to the sweet cooing of the ayekooto bird, 
spreading the news of the best creature in the world; 
be it beauty, good character, name it. 
Wondered why your  imperfection is perfect? 
It's because Eledumare specially created you on Ojo isinmi. 
Whatever they like they can say, 
awon elegan will always hate but ko kanwa. 

Ewatomi , passed in front of the ijoye's with her dangling beads
I know they won't forget to convey your message to the Oba.
Your body like magnet, it attracts every lad in the village. 
Tall like igi iroko, brown skinned like a ruby- rare gem you are.
The way your skin glows, even the sun is learning. 

Talking about your soul, do you know your soul is as beautiful as diamond 
Carved from coal? Inner and outer of you shimmers like stars in the sky. 
Your voice is as sweet as honey and milk mixed together in a jar, don't
Stop calling my name please. 
Ewatomi,  the language in the tongue of every man 
but mine alone she respects. 
Ewatomi i'll always love you till the earth turns blue. 
┬ęPen Of a True Gemini


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