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A preconstruction condo is one that has not been built yet but they are a common choice for homebuyers who fancy a new one according to their own provisions. The purchaser has the opportunity of living in a new Pre construction weston fl condo that comes with plenty of great benefits which not only involves receiving a lower charge but also locating a building of one’s choice. The condos are a favorable market for young families and experts who opt for easy upkeep and societal life. For stakeholders who are thinking of capitalizing on such an opportunity here are some helpful facts to ponder on before signing that contract:

1.	Choose  a reputable builder 
The builder should have a fruitful development up to their sleeve with a solid top score minus delays. It will be less risky for the buyer when they are able to get an insight on the post - closing progress and their investments. Projects done previously ought to have a good monetary standing with good resale and unwavering repair fees.

2.	The 10 Day Cooling Phase
The buyer is entitled lawfully to this phase and they have the option of either buying the condos or not with no compulsions or fines. During this period, the developer can neither sell out the Pre construction homes in weston fl nor increase their prices. It is also advisable to seek legal counsel to look over the agreement thereafter the willing buyer can also compare other prices of other Pre construction projects.

3.	Temporary Tenancy vs Closing
Condos have two closing dates and a temporary one simply means that the consumer gets the keys but the building has not yet been listed. A keen builder should be done with the whole process in six months when the building is registered in the city and the bank pays the builder’s balance. During the temporary tenure, the buyer will pay rent but with lower repairs fees because there is no title of the property. The homeowner can then start paying off the mortgage after receiving the title of the botaniko condo.

4.	Development dues and levies on Closing
These costs are determined by the city and are charged per unit to fund the structure needed to support the residents as soon as there is a population surge then the density of the neighborhood increases. The buyer needs to be extremely cautious by hiring an experienced lawyer to review the agreement otherwise the builder will transfer the costs to the buyer.

5.	HST refunds for stakeholders
The investor should expect to be charged more tax on the final closing and it is possible to get a refund if it is filed within a year and proof of rental lease agreement is presented to the government.

6.	Reasonable market price
The value of the pre construction condos is dependent on the unit some may be under while others above the market. The only way is to work with a Realtor who understands the market while the investor looks around for new updates.The possibility of owning either a presale or preconstruction unit comes with its peculiar benefits and challenges that must be addressed before making the final resolution. The investor has the opportunity of looking at both sides of the coin therefore here are some benefits and drawbacks before purchasing the Preconstruction Condo:

Benefits of investing in a preconstruction condo
1.	Be prepared for the best charges
The real estate is a lucrative market that is relentlessly changing to meet the standards of the industry and if you’re in luck some developers will actually offer motivations to the investor to make the purchase more reasonably priced. Some of the incentives may include surplus features or household applications. 

2.	There are customization alternatives
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is not provided by other real estates, and the nominee gets the opportunity to bring all their ideas to the table. The consumer not only has full control of the whole process but the builder sees it through to completion. Most units come with a surety and makeover issues are definitely out because the botaniko weston pre construction condos are new. 

3.	Anticipate higher profits
Preconstruction condos are a favorite in the market because the client gets to own the project and as long as it’s in a prime location the weston homes new developments will definitely sell. 

Drawbacks of investing in a preconstruction condo
1.	Unexpected delays
There are countless reasons for this situation some of which may not be in the builder’s control nevertheless it is prudent to do some research first on the developer to address early warning signs. A good way to start is by confirming the completion dates to ensure that it will work out. 

2.	The condo charges may perhaps rise
This is because the building is new and depending on the expenses incurred, the investor needs to be ready for this nonetheless taking part in the decision making at the association will bring forth more clarity on the matter.

The building is yet to be built
The condos are sold very early in the process, on the other hand, they are still in the planning stages but everything depends with the developer.

The investor must first ensure that it’s the right decision to make then they should purpose to get in earlier on the preconstruction sale. Secondly, this is a long term investment and its worth should increase overtime to get a higher return on the investment.


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