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If I die, would you care

If I stop breathing, would you care

Everything I do for you and you don’t even care

I always seem to put you as a priority, when I needed to put myself first

You were my first love and I will always remember you

But the pain you cause was the absolute worst

And I can never forgive you

It may seem like Im fine

It's like looking at myself through a broken glass

I’m still standing, but it seems like a part of me will always be shattered. 

 Roses aren’t always red 

Volets will never be blue

I love you, but you will never have the same feelings as I do

Every night I stay awake 

Thinking of what could have been

Praying to have you back in my arms once again

 I wish I could tell you how much you hurt me

I wish I could tell you how much you meant to me

We knew each other for years, you were my best friend

But sadly every book needs to come to an end

And now that our chapter is done 

I will forever have love for you 

But I will always know that it will be one sided

You will never feel the way I felt, and that's ok

Because of you, I now know that I deserve better

Better then what you gave me

Better then how you treated me

Better than you will ever be


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