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What kind of time is it I think,I know
When no one can see me
In the search of a thought new
A thought,that touches my mind's screw

I wonder, how amazing time is this
When I am the only prime of this
when every crime of this
Is every time a grime spline of this

Oh! I wonder to see
The diamonds are shinning in the sky
The dark clouds are dancing in the sky
How amazing time is this,I think I can feel

Although it's a good time
But sometimes it remembers me of my lines
I have spoken in the past time
I starts to feel sorry to my past time

But the barking of dogs
And the howling of jackals
Distract my mind from these nasty thoughts
And I starts again to live my rich thoughts

Nodoubt this time is the peerless  part of the day
And no one can halt me by saying this....
What kind of time is this, I think, I feel it
I think I feel it.......


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    Jan 01, 2020

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    Dec 31, 2019

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