The Frozen Silience Pt. I Read Count : 38

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Horror

Alright… I’m going to need your help with this. It’s going to be a little long, so bear with me, please. I need to share this with the world… or at least a few who are brave enough to listen to this. Anyway, here it is.

I was on my way to work. It was dark, which was completely normal for me. I always heard weird noises as I walked to work. The reason I walked was simply I do not to any degree have a vehicle of any kind. I am 18 years of age but still couldn’t take care of myself financially. I finally arrived at work, only to discover there was no one there. There was no squeak from a mouse that was scurrying around the dumpster. There was no sound of the wind blowing by.

It was completely silent. Just then, the air got cold as ice. I quickly got out my keys to unlock the door. My hands were shaking, covered in frost. I struggled to find the right key. After two minutes of struggling to find the key, I put it in the lock. Just as I was putting the key in the lock I felt a warm soft hand touched my shoulder. I quickly turned around, no one was there.

Just as I blinked multiple times, I could hear the bustling city of Medford Oregon once more. I tried to catch my breath, my hands still shaking as my co-worker and friend Amy walked to the door of the gas station.

“What’s the matter? It ain’t cold out”

“Yes I’m fine j-just to much coffee I guess”

“Coffee is bad for you. Also, hurry and open up the door it hot out here”

Amy was right it wasn’t cold out. It was the middle of summer. I somehow forgot it was summer from what I just experienced. I neglected to tell Amy what just happened, and for how long I felt it last for. Am I going crazy? No, I can’t be. There has to be another explanation for all this. I opened the door and let Amy enter first. I sighed silently to myself as I walked in behind her.

“Alright you have the register, and I will be out at the pumps today”

I nodded and walked to the register. Just as I stepped behind the counter I looked back at the door, there I saw Amy blow a kiss to me before walking out the door. Amy and I weren’t together but she has always had a crush on me since middle school. I don’t think she realizes I see her blow a kiss to me every day before we go to our posts.

I flicked on the lights as she walked towards the first customer. 


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