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The Beauty of Fate
-Jaya Chaudhary
Long ago there was a bakery that made Cakes, Pastries, Buttermouse sundae, and Chocolava. All such products were in high demands. One day a new person was appointed as a delivery boy. He was very noisy with work and turned most things upside down. He was a hard luck for everyone out there. The manager of the bakery even told him that he would be fired after one more mistake, he commits. He came back to his cabin. Tensed he sat down busy deep down his thoughts. He was recruited to manage the Chocolava and Buttermouse sundae and hand it over to the delivery boy for packing and delivery.

Chocolava had an immense love for the freezer, despite the fact the chilling cold in there would cause tremendous harm to its faith. She wondered for long hours of the life inside freezer. Apart from this she had silent liking for Buttermouse sundae and she never disclosed it to anyone. On Sundae's part he loved the way fluffy brown bread was prepared in the warmth of the oven. He felt chilling cold inside the freezer and wished to go in the oven for once. He too crushed upon the Chocolava but silently.

The very next day when they were busy playing hide and seek of feelings with eyes, a customer came and ordered for a chocolava cake and Buttermouse Sundae. Unfortunately the delivery boy was absent and the boy was himself preparing packing and delivering the dishes that day. It was for the first time someone asked him to bring both together. Like other packages he picked both of them, foiled the Chocolava cake and bottled up the sundae. In haste he forgot to apply insulated lids and packed them together.

On his way,

Chocolava: Hey, I am Hot magmated Chocolava. And you?

Buttermouse Sundae: Yes, I read the name.

Chocolava felt loosing the conversation and stood silent. Sundae recognised that uncomfortable thought of chocolava and continued.

Buttermouse Sundae: But, I never read mine!

Chocolava : I know,(giggled) it's Buttermouse Sundae.

Buttermouse Sundae smiled. Chocolava realised her first statement and thought of showing her stupidity one after the other.

Buttermouse Sundae Breaking the scilence said
Sundae: It's too hot outside.
Lava: It's rather freezing. I feel cold.

They forgot for once there background, it was the science of thermodynamics that either of them never learnt, and Began debating. In a certain time the Sundae found himself melting and collapsed near chocolava that fastened his melting due to hot aluminium shield. The skin of lava's muscles were stiffening. She felt loosing her identity, her magma bluttered out of her body. They both laughed at each others appearance. It was suffocating for both of them. Finally, Sundae controlled his laughter and said.

Sundae: I thought of never telling you but the innocence of your that I watched through windows of freezing gates was all that I loved I peeped in multiple times to see you, talking, smiling.

Chocolava: I too had a silent liking for you..... But the odds of us can't happen together. We are impossible.

There was a sudden halt. It was due to driver's brakes. He stopped and handed them over to the customer. He was on his way back to office. The customers opened the box and found the chocolatey white fuss in it. They kept aside on the dining table and called the manager. The manager called the boy who delivered him and fired him from his job. Unlucky boy was walking and praying to God of something good to happen.

The youngest and the loveliest daughter came and licked the Lava with icing and found it tasting best. She went to her father and asked for more. She cried and father called at the bakery and  asked them to send three such boxes. The manager called the Boy again and asked him to make the dish called," Magmated Chocomouse Sundae" for the girl. He happily joined his job.

The bakery received heavy order for the dish. The boy earned sufficiently for his family and thn the lava and Sundae lived together for everafter.



  • nice but what is thermodynamics

    Dec 30, 2019

  • Dec 30, 2019

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