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I'm trapped in a box that can't be burnt 
A vacuum, surrounded with nothing but dust 
Smoke itched and stung my eyes
But I couldn't leave; cause the box would not budge 
I struggled pushing and pulling 
Trying to leave; to gain my bearing 
But the possibility had been zeroes to nothing. 
After so much fighting; the door cracked open 
A voice dark and hollow called out to me 
It gave me the chills; but i had to be free 
Following the voice I walked forward 
A tunnel stood before me; dark and endless
I worked forward hopeless
Cause to hope was pain
I walked deeper and deeper into the darkness 
Groping around with not sense of direction
The deeper I went the lonelier I felt 
The darker the tunnel got the darker my heart became 
I was turning to someone I didn't know 
I felt my life sipping out of me
At the brink of death 
I cried out to the one I knew would come
And he did; for a light out of oblivion did shine
He walked up to me and hugged me 
And suddenly I felt the vacuum in my heart fill
And I wept; for the love I felt trapped me 
Not in a box; but in life so wonderful and I couldn't help but be free. 


  • really good

    Dec 30, 2019

  • 😊😊

    Dec 30, 2019

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