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Life appears through windows of time
Hold days together as the clouds go by
Wondering where the past goes or is it left behind
Whispers invade the thoughts in my head
Strength in soul prepare for war of the spirit 
Accompanied by fire of the heart that runs cold
Am I lost on an empty path to darkness 
Risen pain for a lost past in of help to last
Maybe the wind whispers to my heart
Coldness of dark night replay actions in my head
Where does my life go to when the teardrops come
Selfishly laying in pity of my of lost past
When pain heals will I know to recover
When light breaks darkness spirit will I understand 
Path of life shown in scenes of the past come true
Reflection of pain falling through lost time
Am I cold as winter frozen of cold love
Breathing slow to a pulse as eyes forgot who they are 
Wishing for eternity trying like just another day
When a heart is swallowed by pain where does it go
Looking for the best shade of me in this cold
Awaken thoughts as a path faces accident of self
My eyes open when I chose 
My eyes open when I won’t let go
My eyes open as peace comes when I am alone
My eyes open when a house is made a home


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