Dreams I've Had Pt. I Read Count : 30

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So it began in Medford. It wasn't a terrorist attack. It was a national dictator ship brought on by the burning of the constitution and Bill of rights. It was a few summers ago it happened. I was getting ready to go to my friends house for our Sunday D&D group session. I grabbed my tablet ready to go I was about to put on my favourite song but before I could. I heard a tank.

"A real life tank?! In medford?!" I said grabbing my elvish blade off the wall and unsheathing it a little looking out my window. As I did I saw the barrel turn of the tank turn towards my house! I didn't know what to do, so I just ran to the back of the house! I sheathed the blade to not cut myself as I ran out the back door! Right then and then there was a large explosion sounded!

I watched in horror as pieces of my house flew around me! But right when I thought there was no more pieces to come down a sharp piece of metal had struck my arm stabbing through as I stumbled backwards in pain! I quickly pulled the metal sheet out of my arm with anger and fear filling my eyes. I held the blade in one hand as my other arm was numb. Blood was spilling from it. I was loosing it very quickly, as I finally could hear people screaming yelling and crying. I finally lost it I started crawling through the rubble trying not to be spotted.

I saw about a dozen soldiers maybe more. I was about to come out and attack, but as I started standing back up I heard a helicopter and a mini gun along side a M60 and a T-45 sniper rifle. I looked up as the soldiers ran for cover, it was my friends. I smirked and lunged out and sliced a soldier's head off making it splash blood everywhere on everything some even got into my mouth. I continues stabbing and slicing at soldiers as they were preoccupied with my friends.

I finally found a swordsman with a bow and some arrows. I smirked as I grabbed my sword with two hands finally being able to slightly feel the arm that was stabbed. I start clashing swords with him as I do the tank blows up knocking us both down. I got knocked out cold. Then I wake up with a large pain in my arm.


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