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I took it in. Abandoned and unloved. It looked as though it needed me. And I needed it to keep me busy and bring me out of myself and the depression that was holding me for so long. It showed me love and I took care of it. Gave it clothes and food and nurtured it as I were its mother because his mother left him all on his own to fend for himself. But I couldn't let that happen because I cared so much and loved so hard. But it was my mistake. A mistake that slowly unfolded itself and as I ignored all the signs and opened my heart even more to newfound love. I lost myself or the person I would have become if I'd never let it in. It started out so pure. There were so many good things that came of relationship. And yet slowly good gestures turned to insults, and arguments turned to fights and I was pegged with the dire question: "Was it love?" But how could it not have been? Because the emotions were so strong and the love was so evident, despite everything, I was there and he caught me everytime I fell and we stuck together. Us against the world; we had a bond so strong no force could break it. A dream of what we wanted us to be, the family we were to become and the hiccups they came and they went and we stood strong. Though not always happy. Always intent on us getting over it, getting through it and being better. And then one day, 4 years later, he wasn't. Wasn't ready to mend. Or interested in working at our future or putting together our family. He had his own goals in mind. His own future. And he put all this distance between us and said we were toxic. Not that it was ever a secret. But we worked on it and tried to better ourselves until he didnt want to anymore. And he says that I should just move on because there's no going back. And after 4 years and 2 children I just wish it were as easy for me as it was for him.


  • Dec 30, 2019

  • Tehilah Friday

    Tehilah Friday

    i love the free verse. good job

    Dec 30, 2019

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