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Ever one no how a baby is born two people fall in love well that was my mom and dad they fell deep inlove then my mom found out she was pregnant she was so happy when she went to go to the hospital to have a check up they said I was a beautiful baby the day of my birth I was diagnosed with leukemia they said I only had 7  day or less my mom was Soo sad she ask how did this happened the doctor said it just happened to many people my mom look at me and told me you are the best beautiful baby ever that day the doctor said I could come home I had to come right back my mom was crying saying I we'll never see her first step frist world frist day of school  and that when my mom got a phone call my dad got into a bad car crash on Broadway road my mom was all ready stressed  the they told my mom he on the first floor this spine is gone is eye is gone and half of his leg is off my mom called my aunt Mia to come stay with me in the hospital and when she seen me she said I was the most strongest baby ever she said I'll live forever the doctor then told her I only have 4 days to live she cried and cried she look so heartbroken she took my little finger and told me  my mom has a little angel and I might live to be 100 when my mom come in she was crying she said he gone my aunt got up and gave her a big hug kiss me goodbye and left my mom said she will try to spend as much time as she can with me she bought so many toys for me to play with my heart monitor plug started to  beeeeeeep my mom come running in they told her I was gone my mom was crying and she said I thought she had 3  more day well I said 7  beautiful days or less when my family all came to my church to see me get carried in a pink casketed my mom was sooooooo sad she had ever thing with my name on it

4 year later 
My mom is 46 and I am 4 and my mom vist my casket ever day put new flowers by it my dad casket is right next to mine she love me soooo much 

Thank you for reading 7 days to live I was an amazing experience


  • Angel Moore

    Angel Moore


    Dec 30, 2019

  • Dec 29, 2019

  • I just began reading and I worth your words

    Dec 30, 2019

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