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Past turned out into a new vision or it’s just me has changed?
You could have said sorry but this is not a movie,
You can press a replay button whenever you want to.
Flashback to that day when you left me at the hallway without said anything.
Now what did you expect me to say? I said it all.
Now what did you expect me to do? I’ve tried but we are not on the same page anymore.
“You just don’t know me.” He said, pleading himself.
But have you given me a chance to? 
You only care about one thing and we all know that.
I don’t even know myself when I fell for you.
You just let me go, remember that.
When I moved on, you comeback and questioning about my self esteem.

This isn’t North anymore. You might be in West now.
And I’m at Central but really, reminiscence isn’t a good way,
With someone you’ve been expected to be your future but it’s gone long ago.
No, I don’t miss you like that anymore.
No, I don’t miss you at all.
This isn’t North anymore. 
Even it was the best memories I have but sorry,
You don’t even care about it before so just let it passed.
August broke me into pieces by witches.
September took me by surprise that I fell for something wasn’t real.
It wasn’t belong to me.
October I died many times and keep survive.
Honestly, I don’t give a sh#t anymore about you.
Your statement, the real you or your real personality.
I looked around.
The sun still shines.
I won’t let it blocking my way to the new path.
I’d let it comes and have their way to me.
I remember people said, what belongs to you, it would be yours. Nobody can steal it from you.
Deep down I want to believe that.
So, now no more anxiety, no more sadness and no more insecurities.
Now let see what’s next because I have no idea what the fvck inside God plans.

- Vivian Lin


  • Dec 29, 2019

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