Ghost Eye (22) Read Count : 32

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Sub Category : Drama


I quickly unlock my door and slammed the door behind me. I locked it.

Kai went through the door. I panted in due to the long run. I ran more than ten miles since I live in the forest.

Kai: Are you okay?! What did Patrick to you?!

I panted.

Kai: I swear, I will haunting Patrick until he feels sorry for it!

I shook my head. I took my shoes off.

Me: For now, just—

Maggie: Sugar?

I jumped then turn around.

Maggie and Daniel stand, stare at my teary-eyed looking.

Me: Maggie? Daniel-senpai?

They hugged me tightly, I can't hold back anymore. I burst out crying.

After explaining what happened to me. Maggie shook her head angrily.

Maggie: This guy... If he continues to bother you, I will push his head in the toilet full of waste.

Daniel: That's gross, you know.

I chuckled, Daniel is Maggie's older brother.

Maggie: And gross things never fail.

Daniel: How so?

Maggie stares at Daniel for a while. I really hope they do not destroy my furniture.

Suddenly, Maggie grabs her brother's right arm and lick it. Daniel yelped.


He stands up and told us (loudly) that he goes to my bathroom. As he went to a different room. Maggie turned her head around and looking at me. Since we are childhood best friends, she knows that I hate to make eye contact, so she does not stare at my eyes.

Maggie: See? Gross things never fail.

I giggles.

Kai: I swear...

I looked at Kai puzzled.

Kai: If I can touch this Patrick, I would punch his guts...

Again, I giggled. But for a while, my warm feeling escaped. I knew, my guiltiness will stay on. I even can't forgive myself.

Daniel finished with killing Maggie's "cooties." They dropped the news: Maggie had transferred to my school. She will be there tomorrow.

Daniel is still at the same college, so he asked me to do his favor, take care of Maggie. I accepted but with one condition: connect Maggie daily as he can.

We chattering about pretty everything, including Kai the ghost. I start to feel better— well... Better than before.

Next morning, Maggie and I get ready for school. We walked together to school. Kai also comes along, we talk about how to find his regret.

As we arrived, Maggie needs to go to the restroom but will meet me at our lockers. (My locker is next to Maggie's)

I stand and wait for Maggie. However, I began to notice that Maggie took littler longer than she supposes to.

So I start to walk to the hallway near to the restroom. I spotted Maggie talking to a yellow head boy. As I realized, it's him: Patrick.

I walked to Patrick's back. I should forgive him. I need to control myself.

Suddenly, my short memory jumped on my mind.

My mother sits down, was disappointed with what I did.

Mom: I forgive you, just not do it again.

As she smiled, she disappeared slowly as Patrick appeared slowly. I still stay quiet. Until I heard Patrick's voice.

Patrick: I am just stupid. I was really want to help Yoko. But all I do is push her off the mountain.

I smiled. At least he realized what he did.

I tapped his slender shoulder. Patrick turns around and delighted to see me.

Patrick: Yoko! Listen, I am sor—

I silenced him with my hand.

Me: I forgive you, just not do it again.

Patrick's sorrowful face lighten up.

Although I am not a happy person, I still can smile and feel a little happy for a minute.


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