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Sub Category : Horror
It all started when I heard a big knock on my window it was so loud I fell out my bed my mom came rushing in and told me to get on the floor which I was all ready on the floor because I fell off she said there here I was like how she said the over take I was like. What she look at me  her face had blood all over I started to cry she look so scard I ran into the room and tryed to call 911 but my phone died shit what am I going to to do know my mom face is bloody that when I seen it oh shit what the fuck is that I flow right by me that's when I seen I was on the floor my mom over me calling my name I seemed like she was trying to tell me to run but I could not. Here her it was so loud my ears where ringing I was crying my mom got up she had glass in her eye and on her legs I was like are you okay she just told me she was fine I don't give a crap about me mom are you okay yes honey she was holding me going down the stairs mom where are we going idk where leaving the house okay to where idk ok idk who the hell was that in the house I did not think It would come when you where 16 mom I'm 15 yeah he was not going to come untell 3 more months what why did he come Know and why do you have blood all over your face he cut me an the glass the window my phone well buy. New one okay


  • thank you it not done

    Dec 29, 2019

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