Poem 12 - BEAUTIFUL Read Count : 30

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Wow! What a gem
 How could someone be so strong and firm
To describe such person, there is no detailed term
Even a great man cleared his throat upon her sight, ahem
Like such a person was from another realm

Such graceful legs full of glory
Long eyelashes full of kindness mixed with fury
Lips curler in a way that gave one a query
Eyelashes batting as if on duty
Eyes so calm to show they were in no hurry

She is so very fantastic
Her every move is genuinely majestic
Her features, so angelic
Truly, she is eccentric
But by her side, other girls look barbaric

Words alone cannot explain her nature
Nothing could really describe her feature
To not hold her hands would be torture
She is likes seed everyone would love to nurture
And listen to if she ever gave a lecture

I believe these are the words
One uses for the one he loves
The one he truly adores
For whom his heart truly soars
Whenever a part of her sores



  • Dec 28, 2019

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