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Four Pieces-Vivian Lin

Everything you need to know about Four Pieces.

 Well, in my spare time I want to write this to you all about Four Pieces and something more about it. Sorry, the book is with Bahasa but I use English to elaborate it because I don’t know it’s hard to express something with Bahasa, it might ruin the real meaning from what I suppose to say. Believe me if you have to handle more than two languages in your life it would be good also sucks sometimes because your brain might confused in a minute or so. Don’t be jealous, mother tongue, I can’t get used to it in daily to be honest.

Anyway, back to the main topic, Four Pieces. No, it’s not pieces of shits from all of me. You guys really smart to assume it was all about me. But thank you so much that means you have read it, kept it in your mind and it made you think that it was all about the author, Huh?

Basically it’s about mental illness as I said before. 4 mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, self harm and bipolar disorder. But I didn’t explain details in the book, it’s just go with the flow with the plots from the point of view of the main character, Louisa Tan. And No, it’s not about love story, sorry if I disappointed you. If you want another “love story” I was working on it with the next one, just saying.

So, why depression, anxiety, self harm and bipolar disorder? Where did I get all those scary things? Scary? Mental illness scared you more than all those human version of corruptors, liars and their puppets? Funny.
I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety with different years. I got depression when I was 18, one year after graduation from high school. I have few friends also been dealing with the same stuffs like anxiety, self harm and bipolar disorder and believe me they are all amazing people.

One day my best friend lost her father. I called her for the first time after been separated for years. She moved aboard and living with her husband and kid. We lost contact since I came into her wedding day 5 or 6 years ago I guess. I called her, we talked for hours and days and all drafts written in my head. I opened my laptop and started to write the first draft. In one day I finished it and the next day I just do some editing and proof reading myself till it gets done. It was perfect and amazing how she inspired me lots to continue this. She knows I love to write since we were in junior high. So when the book been published I told her about it and she was shocked and said, how can I get that book, Viv! I told her she would get one from me. I know she’s proud of me. She wrote me message and it’s beautiful.

There are lots of long articles I want to write to share to you but I have my limit here. So the next one would be great storytelling.

Thanks for reading. Happy holiday, humans.



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