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wandered whole night unspecified, 


Forgetting the stream unknown , unsaid

Making all efforts to summarise or recall

But journey within is not so easy at all

Several incidents unfolds 'n' folded again

rhyming about happiness in memories regain

sometimes hyper tensed sadness to avoid

breaking through the world of silence so wide

too many words running in the mind

they seemed to be together and kind

playing with the emotions and trying to be a finder

they don't sing always in joy and hinder

always keep power to get visions of dark night

dreamed of joy departed but a waking dream of life and light

living in the dark with the candle in heart

writing an unwritten poem with emotions apart

hearing from mind the.... unspoken words inside

understanding the meaning of... feelings beside

slept dreaming the ways of existence

waking up thinking deeds of excellence

living whole life , knowing ...whoever loves you like life

surviving with fact that, why are alive

Have been writing but ....seemed... lost the words

but however have some to...cost the swords

it seems ....dying ..without finishing the poem

as all the emotions cant be penned down in a slogan

the journey within will last one day

vanishing with the soul n be lost someday.........

TGS - Sweta nicky Parmar


  • hdggdb

    Dec 28, 2019

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