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Why am i mad after you?
Why i love love you so much!
Why i fall in love with you?
Why do i miss you so much every moment?
                        Why me?
              I cry under the guise of a smile!
              Even after knowing that you will not mine,
         Why only ask you in every prayer from God?
Why me?
I always express my desire to other
Why can't i tell even when i have a lot of love?
Why do i always sacrifice my happiness?
                         After all, why me?
                         Ran after you,
                You are not in my destiny, knowing that,
            Only you really wanted me!
Why me?
I always waste!
Why,  even after being nice,
I  am always infamous!
               Why does God not pray to my true heart,
            Why don't you name my life,
          After all, why i am your lover?
           Why i love you so much??? 


  • Viasha Amor

    Viasha Amor


    Dec 28, 2019

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