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I met a devil with blue eyes,
Who's a girl that prayed for Satan to rise upon us,
The fall of a believer empowered her lies ans manipulations,
She'd line up the prayers and then rate them.

I met a devil with no horns,
With no soul,
With the power to paralyze by her touch and any contact in those cold empty eyes,
Her shell lures in the one who's weak and mourns,
Her cracks are filled by blinding too much.

I met a devil with helping hands,
Which she often used for pointing fingers and to casr a spell,
Her words were accusations and demands, lies, manipulations,
The heat rises with blood dripping slowly down for anyone who lingers.

I met a devil with false promises,
That she made to capture my soul thar will eat you alive,
It's the bait that covers her emptiness,
Once you know you're following, you crawl begging for mercy.

I met a devil with fires inside those blue soulless eyes
First warm, then burning 'till they'd pierce through your soul,
But she was cold even when I fried and screamed foe mercy and begged for my life,
Still I saw the false love as all that's fierce, anger, evil.

I met a devil with planned tears satisfying the hurt draing fron my soul and body,
Carrying such evil no drop should hold,
She turned my care into aching fears ending in a blood bath of her ice cold blood,
I turned my head where she controlled everything along her path.

I met a devil who never met who I truly am Im my soul as she strips you of any opportunity of a life a normal life but left only with broken pieces and stripped ove any chance of a life nor happiness,
All she created and knew was a scam to lure yoy unto the depths if anything close to burning in hell she scalded you dignity,
I shine too bright for hell to see begging to release me fom her curse,
She's when shes forever till shes demoted and off her throne and I may be free till the devil rises again,
This time i shall be ready. I've met the devil in flesh and blood, this devil has shown everything im I know her weakness and im at my best to conquer her I need to destroy that devil lurking around and as it enters my soul. Sleep with one eye open. Ready or not...here i come.


  • its amazing you are really amazing

    Dec 30, 2019

  • Such a wonderful piece of writing

    Dec 30, 2019

  • Nice

    Dec 30, 2019

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