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One day, this day with layers of lies, 
My inner self makes me aware of a sneaky nasty type of I spy, 
So I trail the cracks with my fingertips, 
Observe the poison that seeps off of their lips, 
Should I doublecheck my blind spots and defenses, 
I'm not blind at all though they must think I'm defenseless, 
So I carry caution when they come at me with their smiles, 
I don't think they realise I've been onto them for a while, 
And shame on those who take my ill mind for a weakness, 
I may have suffered from psychosis but I can still see their thinking will actually have them in pieces, 
No not this week not today not I, 
Will let you crush me with your weak words full of lies. 


  • good poem

    Dec 25, 2019

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