Better Left Unsaid. Read Count : 30

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Just as some bones are better left burried,
As some things are better left unknown,
And just as some deeds are better left undone.
Some words are just better left unsaid. 

What if you were to say those words? 
What if you were to something
and help heal someone,
Motivate someone,
Or even make someone's day?
What then?
Well then, then you would've done a good deed.
And as the saying goes,
One reaps what one sows.

But what if you were to say something
and hurt someone,
Say something and break a heart,
What if you were to say something and do more harm than good?
Well then, then there'd be nothing to do,
Because one cannot cry over spilled milk.

Some words are better left unsaid. 

- Nomcebo Kubheka.


  • beautifully written!

    Dec 28, 2019

  • Jan 04, 2020

  • Jan 04, 2020

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