True Love Read Count : 79

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Graphic novel
Know that I'm a simple person.sence born I could sence true love.its my 5 present from my father in my life.i remember been 6years old him taking me with a female he was fucking and she told me on Christmas time that Santa Claus dint exists after that it all made sense why I was always a bad kid and Santa hated I got a lunch bag that was gonna be given the day I got kicked out and for the love he has for a gold digger my sister got a 1300 dollar iPhone watch hurray at least she's loved


  • dazzling bruyneel

    Dazzling Bruyneel

    Every story has a meaning behind it I sense pain ... like your parents made you feel you weren’t good enough I like it bc it ha meaning keep writing if it’s a way for you to release it all and I’ll keep reading

    Dec 30, 2019

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