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Despite what some would like to believe
Christmas is not just about fire crackers and fancy lights.
It's about how God's power overshadowed a virgin,
Implanting within her bowels his first fruit and knitting inside her womb,
His only son, with whom he's one.
Trust Me,
Santa Claus is really made up,
The real deal is a man named Jesus.
The north pole is just but fiction,
the location of focus is Bethlehem in Judea.
It really has nothing to do with elfs and flying reeinders
But more with angels exclaiming;
"Joy to the world,
for its saviour has come!!!"

It's a love story.
You see,
Christmas is the greatest love story
Because unlike the titanic where Rose watches in agony as the cold gradually assassinates her lover,
Leaving her with a shattered heart and probably with hypothermia too.
Or Romeo and Juliet whose passion caused the cessation of life,
The main character in the Christmas story is a King,
Conceived by love,
Birthed in deep affection,
Who in great passion laid down his life and went to the grave,
To purchase for his beloved;
A life unpolluted by sin,
Incorruptible by sickness,
Immune to poverty and
Totally Invincible to death

No love story beats this one.
So let your exuberation be with understanding.
It's a love story and a celebration of a life
Destined to death so as to invigorate you with a life of your own.
It's a commemoration of a royal King,
Who in the name of love lowered himself and became a commoner
To crown you a royal priesthood and a King.
It's a celebration of a wealthy Prince,
The monarch of the universe,
Owner of silver and gold who was made poor just to make you rich, self sufficient and fully furnished in abundance.
It's a commemoration of a perfect and sinless being whose blood was shed once and for all,
So that you are not only called righteous but are made the very righteousness of God.

It's about how heaven felt so uncomfortable without you
And God so badly wanted you there
That his only begotten son,
The glory of whose far surpasses the sun's,
was born of a woman and came to walk the dusty streets of the earth...
How the fierce and fearless lion of the tribe of Judah was as a timid lamb before it's shearers,
Just to embolden you and take away your fears and
How heaven's most Precious jewel tasted the essence of hell,
to make you heaven bound.

Christmas is a love tale,
Based on a real life actual story of how the creator made himself a part of the creation just to reconcile with them.

So this season,
As you in high spirits make Merry,
Add some meaning to your ecstasy by sheding the light of this reality to your world
Because he is in love,
Well on his way back.
But this time he's not coming through a virgin birth,
No! he's coming with the clouds
To take away to paradise with him all those who believed.
So if you love him,
Tell someone he loves them today
And Remember,
Christmas is the greatest love story of all.


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