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Everyone in this world speaks one way or with Expressing them selves.we live in a world were most wants to be noticed and I won't lie for a long period of time my self included.but now I know better,I have grown to accept my self as I am and for some reason I feel curesd like wierd shit comes my way without expecting it or mabey I over pay attention.yes alot of my actions have led me to make mistakes Wich I've paid for.but people in my life just ordinary people live the world we live in because they don't see life in other ways just a live die kinda life.and well alot of people admire me for Rong reason like been a role model at one point.but today I don't want any of it.the problem is that now I hang out with the most humble cus there the best kind of people but there clueless of life besides the one they know.someone today and often ruen my day for speaking without thinking and for that reason I felt like sain some fulish today just to get back but I have to learn from it and be different to be better for my self as a this point I care less what the world thinks of the only people I do care for are my love ones and the ones supporting me as a person and the good ones of course.for the rest I shoot much love and hope for the best for them but I will try not making u ruen my day with actions or at least make the intentions of not letting me bother me.

And some advice when u speak, speak truth don't just talk to talk or make ur self feel better or assume ur making the next person feel cool cus u don't know what the next person thinks or is going self included to this subject cus I do it sometimes and did it today but was able to


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