Can The Lottery Obtainable With Knowledge? Read Count : 49

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Sub Category : Adult Fantasy
First and foremost I would like to tell all the people that read my articles that I wish you a good Merry Christmas. Now my gift I give to you all freely is considered a challenge for me.why?its a race lol.have you ever thought that the lottery can be obtained with knowledge?well I believe it can. In the early years the lottery was chosen by Lottery balls but now it's done with a machine the security of it is Unbreakable 1 men one key and one machine. Now the machine was created by who? A human being my friend just like me and you so if we created it who's bigger who's wiser the Creator or the machine itself. I believe there is humans out there smart enough to see what most don't pay attention to if you're one of those persons and have the money and the drive to invest time in a challenge well I challenge you my friend. I Lack ,time,people and Technology creations,a app to be precise.I am pretty unupdated with how to use it why,take a wild guess. I won't say much for the reason that I want to win it but I will tell you can be won.even though it's not quite a gift what I'm giving you all.well it's what I can afford to give in these times.thank you all and have a great Christmas


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