Winter - Erotic Horror Read Count : 53

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic

Darkness outside. Jonah watched her undressing from his bedroom. She turned around, faced him and met his stare. She didn't stop from slipping out of her skirt and flirtatiously letting it drop to the floor. From his bedroom window he could make out the silky shine of the red lace g-string she wore. As she swayed her hips to music in the air, they fell to the floor as she stood there, exposed by the lamplight in her bedroom. Entranced by that silhouette, Jonah fell under some spell. She still gazed in his direction as she fondled one of her breasts in a rhythmic circular motion. She waited for his next move. Jonah looked down to unbutton his jeans. Injected by pure lust. He kept a watchful eye on her room. The door behind her opened slowly. When he looked up again, she was gone. Her room then matched the December Darkness. 

The light from her room flickered on and off in a rapid fashion. He could make out the shape of something in her room. This thing crept around in the darkness. It moved like it didn't have a spine. It's torso was made of this thick, jelly-like, putrid pus. It bent and contorted as it walked to the window. Only illuminated for a second, he watched in horror as this creature with green eyes like night lights pressed its face against the window, staring at Jonah like a hawk. The room fell into darkness now for the final time. There was no girl, there was nothing. Jonah awoke in his wheelchair, half asleep and drooling. 'Did you have nice dreams?' said a friendly nurse with a smile. He cast his eyes down at his hands and saw age in all its horror. I can't even shout. I can't even cry. Someone help me. 


  • Mollie White

    Mollie White

    That was so vivid omg well done keep it up

    Dec 24, 2019

  • Dec 24, 2019

  • Jan 25, 2020

  • truly amazing

    Apr 09, 2020

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