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I know we just met,
A short time ago,
But already,
I can't let you go,

Your sweet caring and easygoing,
Which is only a few things I love about you,
I care about you so much already,
And I know you care about me to,

People say that we dont know what love is,
But deep down I know I love you,
I care about you so much,
Which is why I can't imagine losing you,

I know you have problems that you dont want to tell me,
But all I ask is for you to be honest,
And I know I don't talk about my feeling much,
But if you want to know then I'll be honest with you,

If you think about me the way I think about you,
And u believe in love at first sight,
Then you probably know that I love you,
And I'll stick by you know matter the fight,

I can't say your the one,
Cause right now we don't know,
But when it comes down to it,
I know your the right one,

Your the one I want to be with,
The one I want to hold me when the day comes to and end,
To share my secrets with,
Cause I love you,

All I cant do though is imagine it all,
Cause really I have no idea how you feel,
But if you love me the way I love you,
Then we could make this fairytale come true,

Which is why if I lost you I wouldnt know what to do,
So if your thinking about hurting yourself,
Just know I love you,
And care so much more than I let on,

But it doesn't matter now,
Cause you are gone,
Just know I'll always be here for you,
But without you I dont have anyone,

And now I'm stuck here thinking about you,
Thinking about how I wish you were here,
Cause I love you,
And I hope your thinking about me to,

Deep down I know you care,
And I care about you to,
And now that we're separated thinking about you is all I can do,
Cause I love you,

And I hope our story isnt over yet,
I'm not ready to let go,
And you dont have to get it,
Just know I love you

- Aubrie


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