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I always get to close... Just by the way a person makes me... I guess the words that always get me is that i love and im never going no where. I get to close... When the way you made me feel i use to melt when i would always play around and begg for your attention... Couldn't you feel something was missing.. I just wanted to feel loved.. I never ment to be clingy.. I just get to close...  Because if i love you im attached and i lot of people gave me there word... But they always took it back... Where are you going why do you have to leave so soon? Can we sit and talk awhile can we look at the sarts and the moon.. I know i always have a smile but little do you know on the inside im giving up .. I laugh and i smile but really im ready to self destruct... I always get to close... When i know im the only one that got me.. Why do i... Get so close to people that when they walk away i can still feel there gentle touch... It hurts so much but i still let them in.... I still try to reach out to be a friend even though they could give a damn about me... Although she's sleeping peacefully she could care less about how i sleep...if she did then she would know that i haven't slept in four days all because my depression and anxiety and she tells me if i don't get help then she's gonna leave rather then what could she do to help me find a better peace... Peace of mind... But i still get close even though she blocks me from touching her with a huge fort of pillows no need for the pillows because i can feel the barrier she built around her heart and its slowly ripping me apart... I can tell she's slowly getting sick of me by the way that she looks at me... I seen those eyes before the look of hate and slow regret and after a while they will forget about you... All over again.... And ill be forced to go back to that dark place trapped with my thoughts and voices again.. But I get to close.. Should i!? Reach for the rope, knife to my throat, grabe some pills or pick up the steel... I told the doctors that i  need help but it seemed they refused to care.. How do i cope? Do i smoke! Or Do i drink? Hate being alone because it cause me to think and when i think i won't even blink... I be so gone when i stare out into space people think im staring but looking them into the windows or there soul.. Straight through there bull shit i can tell when there letting go... But i have no one to blame but my self because i ... Get to close.


  • love the conciseness of syntax n perfect pairing of words.

    Dec 22, 2019

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