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All my life I’ve been hiding away from you 
You’re the reason why I always feel blue 

You push me away , I can’t handle the pain
I don’t know what you know , cause all the darkness you’re into 
The shadow that you can’t see is coming for you 

I just didn’t want to feel sad 
I’m sorry it’s gone on too long 
But  how am I supposed to feel if love is a lie
How can that be fixed 
You can’t just press a button and everything will be fine 

For so long I felt like I was in a bubble and locked away in a freaking tower 

I’m not some damsel in distress , that will love over one look at some guy

So, like I said all my life I’ve been hiding from you and you’re the reason I always feel blue


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    Dec 22, 2019

  • Dec 22, 2019

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