Hating Life But Not Wanting To Read Count : 38

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Another day of fucked up confused and stupidness flooded by overwelming  emotions wish there was a potion i could just drink and be numb to everything and not have to care about anything just be over it all so nothing ciuld hurt me anymore cause my thoughts are killing me they hurt more than any physical pain ive ever experienced id rather be be beaten and whipped than be stuck in this mind fuck with in my head that is constantly being fed by more and more confusion leaving me delusional wanting to say fuck it all and just give up on everything why do i have to stay victim to these evil people and if there was a god then why is this continually happening and allowed to happen cause all i ever did was love my kids and care for them and wanting to give them everything i possibly could  only to be tortured for doing it and all i ever wanted was to be loved and to love  my whole life and again tortured everyway possible to be content and happy is impossible maybe im not ment to be here cause thats the way its starting to seem to be dead is becoming more of a dream than a bad thing like such a releif if it were to happen to go to sleep for ever sound like the greatest pleasure but it really isnt what i want laying here crying myfucking eyes out isnt how i wanna spend my days being alone 


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