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There's numbers of peoples

had this since they were born 

they couldn't do like others do,

went to their education

other classmates treat 

them unfairly.

Why they do that to them?

try to be kind to them 

it's that hard

know they have this,

I don't like when they 

do this to this person

they need someone treat 

them well.

Couldn't they be kind for once?

They need someone treat them good

they are not like this

look through them,

learn to understand 

their feelings

What would you feel if you're in their position?

that's how they're feeling right now or

 in the past 

never treat them unfairly

it's not right to make them feel down

you need to treat them with respect

like normal people would do,

try to be better person to them 

you should make them feel special

not give them hard time.

Know they struggle 

with communication

socialize with other peoples,

treat them unfairly 

tease them with their  inappropriate

it's hurt them even more.

One time hit them hard 

like a heavy stone 

hard to trust everybody,

it's make them feel suspicious

you have to stop.


  • Dec 21, 2019

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