Philosophers Sociopathic Library Of Horror Read Count : 37

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

The books become arranged 

They are alive more than you think

Curiosity of a selling spine

Pages turn

The room becomes dim 

Vulnerable to sound 

The energy is just a house

A depth of tampered objects 

A value of truth 

The walls are closing in

Your knees are weltered 

Obsession of Claster phobia 

What’s beneath is terroir 

You fear nothing but what you invite in

A list of instructions 

A room with a lock 

No ones to be home

The grass was dead

Air to be dry

Tomato’s plants drenched as to be watered 

Nobody’s home as they say

Family photos as if there were kids

Swivel door locks from the outside in

A fire pit consists of burned books and papers

Yet nobody’s home they say.

The smell of ammonia late in the evening 

A laundry room of no detergent 

Dressers of stains 

Walls with a fear of drag

Rocks resembling of burials

Suburbs with a house of horrors 

Literatures of crime and torture 

You are consumed 

I can feel you in the structures

Come earliest as we please

Wondering specific times we depart

Yet nobody’s home. 

A room with a side entrance

Windows of cracked blinds

It was to good to be true

Cheapest rate within miles

We are not alone

You watch



The house is alive 

Yet we are alone


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