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What if I told you I'm different, 
You'll never know till I say it to you, 
For this coin has two sides, 
My head I showed you not my tail- gemini. 
What if I'm not who you think I am, 
Cause I smile and toggle with your breast
In our free time doesn't mean you suit me. 

Yes, I was raised as a normal kid, 
don't blame my anchors. 
But what if I choose not to walk in that path no more? 
What if I feel repulsive by what is at the meeting of your thighs. 
I know about those cities of yesterday that exist no more
For they choose this path. 

Don't blame me for I was consume by this homosexual thought
But trust me, I've been fighting my own demons in silence, 
Demons that ate my soul and tortured me in prison of my own mind. 
Those demons consumed every piece of virtue in me, 
Leaving me with no choice but dance to the tune of being gay. 

What if my urges to opposite sex failed due to failed love and promises, 
Trust me we all have the demons we're fighting. 
Why are you like this? Question to those ladies that NOed me. 
Hold on I'm not blaming any soul for me
for I choose this me.

What if I'm gay, don't I deserve to be treated like a human? 
Your kind gesture is likely to kill those demons in me. 
This is America dream, 
what if I choose to dream the America dream. 
I'm not going to be crucified by anyone 
but will be punished by the Creator. 
What if I change my way before I breathe no more? 
NB. This is to certify that the writer isn't supporting 
homosexual Nor is he a practitioner. 
He is a writer, and a writer is suppose to carry 
Everyone feelings at heart. 

Ā©Pen of a True Gemini 


  • It's odd

    Dec 20, 2019

  • Well, Same here buddy... I'm a girl and very proud of being LesbianšŸ˜‰

    Dec 21, 2019

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