11. I Love Irresponsibly Read Count : 63

Category : Poems

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There goes my body

Drifting away 

Down hallways

Filled with pictures of

A boy I no longer recognized,

And past a family

Who will never realize

They lost me years ago.

There goes my spirit 

Floating through

Those same hallways

And across the world

To Germany, Japan,

Russia, New York, Michigan-

Hoping to find a place

Where it can find color again. 

All these beautiful places 

Lead to the slums. 

I love dangerously.

I cannot be trusted

With my own damn heart. 

I have loved around the world

Without a passport. 

I am sick

Of loving irresponsibly. 

But what happens if I stop

And no one

Remembers me?


  • Dec 20, 2019

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