Freya Cartney (1/8) Read Count : 31

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Sub Category : Drama
As I looked into her grey pale eye, I couldn't believe I just ended it with her. She was my world and I some how got captured in my mother's claws. 

He just dumped me after 4 years if I didn't know any better i'd think it was his mother's doing. We had twins Hudson and Aries they are 8 months old they were with George he  promised to bring them around my house tonight. 

I sat on my bed running my fingers through my long greesey Blonde hair. I tucked my glasses above my nose and started writing my essay on the human body I was in med school now and was going to graduate in a year. After 2 hours I went down to make the twins dinner after all they were ment to be back in 2 minutes but jack was always late.


  • fab

    Dec 20, 2019

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