Penis And A Hole Read Count : 64

Category : Songs

Sub Category : LoveSong
They say it's a story
Of a penis and a Hole 
That dwells deep under 
Each and every soul
It's bad as a curse
To the damn fucking world
That works like an aid
To a few love birds
Who catch up and meet up
And make out their love
They call it a fire
Journey from devil to a dove 
Spend their nights together, 
Naked between the sheets
Feeling all the other's love, 
Grief, sorrow and heat. 
They feel the self broken, 
Once if get parted, 
For once they felt connected, 
And now dishearted. 
Some fall asleep for 
The rest of the days,
Few get shuffled into world,
That always says,
"It's a story of a Penis and a Hole,
That dwells deep under 
Each and every soul " 


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