My Contest Part 2 Read Count : 19

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : YoungAdult
Okay, I have another idea for a contest, 

Write about a two boys that fall in love, one is a smart Ampromorphic character and the other is an orphan that wants to be an author.

This is for fujoshi's and fundashi's, so enjoy yourself.

The orphan and meets the smart Ampromorphic character after he meets up with a friend from a writing company.

They meet in the afternoon and immediately get a long.

Okay, here's the rules they actually get to know each other, they don't just instantly fall in love.

Both boys are 22.

The smart Ampromorphic character's name is Derek and the orphan's name is Luke.

They are in New York city.

The orphan is determined, smart, and also loves to read manga.

The family of the Ampromorphic character is a mother, three brothers, three sisters.

The sisters are triplets, their actually two years younger than Derek: Amiy, Aita, and Yita. Amiy is a fashion designer and always talking on the phone. Aita is a wedding planner and loves any relationship. Yita owns a DVD shop and she is a big movie fan.

His two young brothers: Carl and Dan

Carl is sixteen, he is on a baseball team and is an otaku.

Dan is fifteen, he is a does Flower arrangements, ever morning he is gives flowers to orphans. Dan also is the first one to meet Luke.


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