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The first day I saw senior I wanted you all to myself no matter what it took but thought you weren't into me and was trying to hook you up with Jeff (that come back to haunt me) then one day we (Me, you, Jeff and Bella) were going to hangout, drink and chill on top of rock rimmion and look down at the town. But before we met up you snapped me. You hmu saying I was cute and that I was adorable. You right, cause I hit you back with you too saying your sweet and beautiful. I was shy but you wanted me to touch you we both knew it. I'm not the one go first tho without some help. So you took my phone broke it and gave it back after the hug. I could've gotten pissed but you made me forget what real life was. I didn't have to play by rules, worry about others, just you and me. Just like veterans day I skipped out on the parade to hangout you and well worth it got to be with you cuddle up, talk, and deal with master guns Tuesday. Especially with how well the dance went I didn't want it to end. So it continued, the good times together. Christmas after got together and met the good part of the family. They seemed to like me. But new years was different from everything else, I got to sleep with you it didn't matter what we did I just want to cuddle up to you kiss you good night and could have called it quits then but I asked to see how comfortable you are with things. I was going to sleep when you gave me permission and I asked you if you were sure. I loved you, I didn't want to hurt you or make you uncomfortable. So we had fun throughout the night and the morning till I had to go home. It was the best memory I had of you besides wanting you to be a root in my life and not a branch, But you were just that after military ball it wouldn't be the same. We wanted the old us so bad, but we couldn't cling to the past. The mixture we had together was toxic, childish pairing that wouldn't even work now. You said it best, we're both fricked up. (Without the frick) I told you white lies to trust me even more. Which shows how stupid I was to lie in a relationship I actually cared about. Shows how fragile ships are when in the tide ig. Still can't forget about you, maybe to show me how you feel with losing someone you care about. Whatever it might be, still learning from it, us. 


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