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So heres a story about a girl and if you guessed the well the girl is me
Ok so a few years ago me and my bestfriend kylee went to a football game but hold I'm ahead of myself so let me catch you up me and kylee have been besties since like 3rd grade and well we were seniors and well I thought my life was perfect had a bestie and an amazing boyfriend named Darren ok now your caught up well that's all you need to know anyways so we were all three at the football game and it was are last game so cassie a friends of mine decided she wanted to throw a big party for seniors I couldn't go cause I had work but o well when kylee was she heard Darren and some girl in a room and found him beating her and rapping her when kylee pulled her phone out to call the cops that's when darren snapped he was a different person he hit the one girl one more ti.e and grabbed kylee by the arm and dragged her to his car he dragged her to the woods and started to beat her till she died then realized he could torture her he took her back to the car and dragged her to a small shack looking place in the middle of nowhere when we found out kylee was missing darren acted as if he had know clue where she was he continued to for a while and then my anniversary with darren came it was 2 years but he had forgotten about it so when he went to the shack he saw kylee had a stunning bracelet and grabbed it he gave it to me that's when I realized Kyle was with him I decided one day to follow him I found kylee but it was to late she was dead so I grabbed a shovel and well I smacked his head so hard it killed him I took kylee to the hospital and she was in a coma for 22 weeks when she woke up she was different but that's my story.        

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  • Dec 19, 2019

  • do you reread over your work

    Jan 02, 2020

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