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I am the boxerI who is continually pounded
Stuggle to my feet before the bell is sounded
Again and again through every fight 
I have gotten up using all my might 

This is not bragging this is a fact 
To use my courage and all my tact
Down with the count the last few years 
I chose to stay down in spite of my fears

But my famiily’s tesrs convinced me to stay
I’m  eternally grateful for the rest of my days
A life where I’ve been battered and bruised
My demons screaming “ Stay Down “but I refused

The lesson is clear as I rise each day
Overall life’s been great which is my pay
You take the good with the bad 
No matter how sad

You count the good fortune from the gifts
you been given 
Life is too precious to end when you’re living
With courage and will deep within 
You have a good chance that you can win

Don’t rob your  gift of life 
It will cause your loved ones strife 
And wipe out any chance 
Of a life you can enhance 



  • Dec 01, 2019

  • 5 stars

    Dec 01, 2019

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