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fell for you in the third grade

But not in a way that is normal 

I fell for you in the same fantasy-driven-madness-doomed-to-failure kind of way

That came to define my “love life” for the next decade 

I wrote words on a page, called them songs

And gave them to you

I declared my love from the rooftops

I dreamt of movie scenes 

Where the creep gets the girl

Where one day she just fell for him

But I never actually spoke to you. 

I‘m sorry for that

For creating an idea

And completely missing you in the process

I was Tom

And you were Summer. 

We’re older now

And it’s been so long

And yet I still remember that day in third grade

The day you walked into class

With ocean eyes and golden hair

I assume everyone else just saw the new girl

But I saw perfection 

And for the last decade

Every time I really fell for someone 

That was the blue print 

You were the blue print 

These days my heart doesn’t skip a beat when i see you

My tongue won’t get stuck in my throat 

And I’ve escaped the clutches of that fantasy-driven-madness I once called love

Yet every time i see you

And I’m confronted with perfection 

I wonder

Will I forget you someday 

Or will you always be my perfect?


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