Lovestruck 6 Read Count : 20

Category : Stories

Sub Category : YoungAdult

And suddenly he grabbed my face
Into his arms
He slowly moved his fingers
Across my hair
And firmly lingered his thumb
Over my cheeks

The most magical moment 
Ever happened to me
Just happened 
It was 

He pressed his lips into mine 
By looking deep into my eyes
Oh my!
What a feeling that was!! 

A kiss 
Is said to burn calories 
And detoxify some harmful contents
(The only good)
That's all I've ever known 
About a kiss before 
This actually happened with me

But at that very moment 
I felt really intoxicated by those lips
That wetness
It felt like
My thurst of
Thousands and thousands
Of years
Have been quenched 

And that's what was like
The first 10 minutes of
Us being alone
In a room
And then

His hands slipped a bit
Through my neck
Towards my shoulder... be continued


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