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I'm here to take you on a journey, so sit back, read and please take this to heart.

       A while back I was able to be in contact with someone who I thought could help me and I'm about to tell you about that experience. I asked,

 "Have you ever been abused as a child?" That person said yes. I continued, " When I was little I was abused by my father. I would have to wear long sleeves all the time to cover up the bruises. Sometimes even sunglasses inside. Every time a teacher or another adult would ask me what happened, where did all these bruises come from, is everything okay at home? I would have to lie and say yes it's fine I can be really clumsy, because I was afraid that if anyone knew he would kill me." I began again, "Close your eyes and imagine the things I say." This person closed their eyes and I began again, "This girl is running up the stairs to get up to some where with a locked door where she can feel safe because she knows that he can't hurt her there. Tears dripping down face as she's trying to stay so quiet because she knows what's going to happen if he finds her. She walks over to the sink and grabs the razor from the medicine cabinet and slices it on her wrist. She doesn't tell because the pain feels normal. She does it again as she stands in the puddle of her own blood. She doesn't care. She wants this life to end, she feels she has no purpose. She knows she has no purpose. Night after day she continues doing this. She doesn't know what it is she's doing. She just knows or thinks it right." This girl later found help. But these words were not mine to share they were my best friends words. I shared these words with the school counselor. They helped her but it seems it costed our friendship but she is alive today and without that counselor I could not promise she would be alive. As of this day we do not speak. It may have not been my place to share her story. I knew she would not have shared it herself. So I did what I thought was right. 

I took you on this journey because if somebody shares something with you similar to this, you need to inform someone. Being a friend is always being there when someone is in need. My friend was in need even if she didn't know it. So help them before it's too late. 


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