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:Amy Haha Mom that girl that's Bullys everyone She got what she Deserves at school today 
:Mom what happened 
::Amy She got her teeth knocked out of her mouth for messing with me my friend Lora you don't mess with Lora even I wouldn't 
:Mom I uhh uh mom leaves and walks away 
:Amy Mom way Are you leaving She bullys Everyone MOM I'm Sorry mom I never laughed at her 
:Amy Calls Maggie phone rings Maggie 
:Maggie Yes Amy what's up girl 
:Amy Hi My mom didn't like the story of you beating down The Bully girl 
:Maggie ohh it's ok lol she got what she deserved for messing with me And you to O always got your back Amy 
:Amy Wow Thanks but way did mom Leave You know Maggie get over here right now please Cries Hurry 
:Maggie Ok I'm on my Way 
Maggie arrives at Amy's home :Maggie Amy AMYyyy :Amy yeah :Maggie I'm here whats going on 
:Amy my mom is ok but I'm Worried something's Wrong 
:Maggie ok where is she at 
:Amy Mom please Come here please Momm :Mom Sweetie You need something :Amy hugs her mom cries Ily mom are you ok? :Mom awww sweetie Ily to And yes Im ok Sweetie I feel fine Your my happiness and Joy without you I would be sad :Amy Awwww 
:Maggie That's so Cute to be continued


  • Dec 01, 2019

  • Dustin Ryan Bliss

    Dustin Ryan Bliss


    Dec 01, 2019

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