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Dear Maggie it's been 1 year since you split town and everyone has Noticed Even me where are you Maggie Are you Ouut 
:Maggie yes I'm 
:Jake omg yes where are you 
:Maggie I'm behind you silly on the Radio 
:Jake omg ok uhh yes it's good to hear from. You and 
Maggie Jake ,, What's wrong we are losing signal 
:Jake Maggie Maggie What happened 
:Maggie we lost signal but I can call you on my phone 
:Jake Ahhh Heeeellpppp meme 
:Maggie Jake Omg What's Wrong What happened Jake this is Maggie do you Copy Jake JAKE 
:Jake uhh yes I can't Harley stand something tried to kill me just now a big bug 
:Maggie Omg could it be the bugs finally hached out 
:Jake maybe hmmm 
:Maggie We will see where Are you at I'll come to you 
:Jake im at The desert near Blood maintain 
:Maggie ok I know where that is Hold on I'm coming 4 you to be continued


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    Dec 01, 2019

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