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sons name was =Kartik,Krishna
Once  an   morning the king was talking with two old man was come to
kings palace and ask for help
  1. King.      =what help do you want
  2. Old man=i want some of money for                       my forming
  3. Krishna =hoo ,you want help.get out                    of my palace
  4. Kartik.   =krishna you don't say this                      our father only tell this help                    are tell sorry to old                    man krishna
  5. King.     =yes you say truth Kartik 
  6. Kartik.  =thanks daddy
  7. Krishna=why daddy you appreciate                      Kartik only 
  8. King.     =why mean's you scold the                      old man 
  9. Krishna=sorry old man i did not think                  and say
  10. Old man=it okay 
  11. Krishna=how much money you want
  12. Old man=only10,000
  13. Krishna=follow me i give 
  14. Old man=thanks king,krishna and                          Kartik
  15. King.      =its okay krishna give money                   okay
  16. Krishna.=okay daddydaddy
The old man was happy 😊 😊 😊
                                       -m.muhammad ashik


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