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"January 1, 1965
Dear diary,
We finnaly moved into the new house!
Its a little roomier, but last night i heard something coming from the attic. Im shure it was just a mouse, but it sounded bigger, more human.

January 2, 1965
Dear diary,
I heard it again, its defenetly not a rat, and i heard chains on the floor. Im getting scared, I'll have more tomorrow.

January 3, 1965
Dear diary,
I heard foot steps last night, they were almost human, but the nails scratching the floor didnt support that, im scared, im calling the police tommarow, I'll give the resaults if i survive.

January 4, 1965
Dear diary,
There was a man chained up with an ax in the attic, what if he broke the chains? He went to jail, but i dont think that will hold him. 

January 5, 1965




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