Real Strange Occurances/Scary Tales Read Count : 33

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Sub Category : Thriller
Caroline Edwards was one out of many children that lived in an old house on her street. The place had be innovated and was fairly new but, the scariest part was the backstory. Apparently, an old man had died in their exact house. He had died in an old arm chair in a very specific corner in the house. Both of which were still in the house. All of Martha's siblings wouldn't go near the chair in the corner and Martha didn't either, until one day. Martha had gone out of the house with her friends, we don't know what they were doing because it wasn't specified but after this, Martha would hang out in the corner every day. It was like she needed the corner to live. Her siblings noticed that she was changing. Her voice had gotten deeper and more hoarse. Her siblings had also noticed that she had been going to the corner in the night. One of her siblings, her sister, wanted Martha gone. She said to her mother multiple times that she should take Martha to a doctor but, her mother thought that it was nonsense. Then, a couple weeks later, they found the same sister dead in her room. A few days later, Martha's brother found Martha in chair in the corner. Quoted "Her eyes were lifeless, her arms were writhing, she looked as though she had been killed and then brought back to life" he reached out to grab her hand but she grabbed his wrist and quoted "With her stone cold grip, I didn't feel scared I felt something much,much worse. The Martha that I knew was gone. This thing was the death of hope, something that was pure evil." Martha started pulling her brother closer and closer to her. Then, a miracle happend, all of a sudden, the church bells wrang. Martha immediately stopped and started grasping her ears in pain. Her mother was in the room at time, and called the police and an ambulance. Later, at the police station, she was being questioned. The police officer asked Martha what her name was. Instead of answering Martha, she answered this "My name is Frank Bennet, I died of a heart attack in a LazyBoy ottoman. My mother died 25 years ago, her name was Mary."  These facts were completely untrue about Martha but, they were completely correct about the man that died in the house. The police took her to a priest. Martha still talks hoarse but she was cured of the "spirit". Martha's parents tell her and themselves that she had gotten lightheaded in the ottoman and she was in a coma for a month. 


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    Mew Janke


    Nov 30, 2019

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    Dec 01, 2019

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